Combine Traffic Exchanging with a Weekly Random Matrix

Earn random entries in the weekly matrix just for surfing! The matrix contains prizes including cash, credits, banner impressions, and textlinks each week. Each day that you surf within the surf range, you get a Matrix entry. Surf every day to earn 7 matrix entries. Of course, pro members automatically get 7 positions each week without surfing.

Every Tuesday at 23:59:59 CST (midnight), the Matrix shuffles. Each matrix entry is randomly assigned into a matrix position, and winner emails are sent out. Top positions win lots of credits, banner impressions, textlinks, and cash. Lower positions win less. Every matrix entry wins something. Increase your chances of getting the top positions by earning a matrix entry every day just by surfing. The customized surfbar will guide you in earning your matrix entry each day. A few random members will win cash and lot of credits every week.

TEM presents a traffic exchange vastly unlike any other. Try something different. The Matrix will blow your mind.

Free Membership Benefits include:
  • Cash Commissions for downline purchases
  • Daily entries into the Matrix just for surfing
  • Excellent Advertising due to lots of surfing activity from members
  • Optional ADVICE emails from TEM admin (no frills, no bad advice)
  • Dynamic Surfing ratios
  • An opportunity to be a part of something big.

    Pro Membership costs only $6.99. Pro members get monthly credits, automatic entries into the Matrix (no surfing required), an outstanding surfing ratio, higher commissions, better referral bonuses, and much more!

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