TrafficExchangeMatrix FAQs
What is a traffic exchange?
Traffic exchanges are online services where web site owners trade traffic. Other members of TrafficExchangeMatrix will view your web site when you visit the sites of other members.
How do I receive hits?
Click 'Surf' on the members area menu to start viewing sites from other members. You will earn credits for every site you view. Your site will receive one hit for each credit that you assign to your site.
What makes TrafficExchangeMatrix different?
TrafficExchangeMatrix makes traffic exchanging fun by integrating a matrix system. The matrix randomly shuffles every week, and each shuffling results in prizes awarded to those who placed in the matrix. As a free member, you can surf to earn 7 matrix entries every week, and you win a prize with every matrix entry! Winners will receive a winner's email. Claim your prizes from the THE MATRIX link on the left side members menu. As a free member, all you have to do is surf to earn matrix entries. As a pro member, you automatically get 7 matrix positions each week without having to surf.
Is this Matrix thing a violation of Paypal and Payza standards?
Absolutely not. TrafficExchangeMatrix allows free and pro members alike to get up to 7 entries into the matrix every week, and matrix positions are completely random every time the matrix is shuffled. Free members can earn as many matrix positions as pro members just by surfing. Pro members do not win better or more prizes than free members. By allowing free members the opportunity to enjoy the same matrix benefits as pro members, paypal and payza standards are fully met.
Exactly how does the matrix work?
Surf within a specific Surf Range to earn a matrix entry for that day. The Surf Range changes every day. Don't worry, each day the Surf Range will be posted on your surfbar so you can't miss it. You can earn 1 matrix entry each day, up to 7 matrix entries each week. The matrix is shuffled each week. Every matrix position will be awarded a prize, so 7 matrix positions gets you 7 prizes. The top matrix positions will be awarded cash and credit prizes. Prizes are determined by the number of matrix entries for that week. The more matrix entries, the better the prizes. There will be few positions at the top and many at the bottom. Getting in the top, middle, or bottom matrix positions each week depends on the random matrix shuffling. Someone will always be a big winner each week! All you have to do is earn those matrix entries is surf within the Surf Range, or you can simply get a pro membership and automatically get 1 matrix entries every day of the week.
TrafficExchangeMatrix is free?
Yes. Free members have the ability to get all the matrix benefits that pro members get, including 7 matrix entries each week. Free and pro members will win cash, credits, banner impressions, and textlink exposures with every matrix position. Get up to 7 matrix positions every week.
Why should I purchase an TrafficExchangeMatrix Pro Membership?
TrafficExchangeMatrix Pro members get...
  • 1 automatic matrix entry every single day (no surfing required)
  • 3 times more credits for surfing
  • 2 times more banner and textlink credits
  • 40% Commissions from downline purchases
  • A lower surfing timer (only 11 seconds)
  • 500 credits every single month
  • Random referrals.
  • Ability to earn 3 times more credits from refer page shows on other sites
    Pro members truly receive everything that TrafficExchangeMatrix has to offer. Not bad for $6.99 per month.
  • How do I earn credits?
    Every time you open your TrafficExchangeMatrix surf page, you will begin to view other members sites... better known as surfing. After 10 seconds (6 seconds for pro members), you will be asked to click one of the pictures. Next to that, you will see a rectangle with 4 pictures in it. Click the requested picture to advance to the next site. When you click on the the correct picture, you will earn .3 credits as a free member or 1 credit as a pro member. You will also earn banner impressions and textlink exposures. You will also earn credits whenever the members in your downline view member sites with their TrafficExchangeMatrix surf bar. PLEASE NOTE: Any method of earning credits that does not involve YOU actually looking at the member sites on your surf page is a violation of the TERMS OF USE.
    What are your TERMS OF USE?
    Click here to read the TERMS OF USE.
    Can anyone sign up for an account?
    Yes! Anyone from around the world may sign up for an account with us as long as you agree with our TERMS OF USE. While we do not allow Adult sites, it is important to remember that we cannot guarantee that someone has not slipped inappropriate material in. Therefore, care should be taken if minors have access to your computer.
    Can I sign up for more than 1 account?
    No, unless you have received express permission from TrafficExchangeMatrix admin. Signing up under yourself in an effort to obtain additional credits is considered theft. You will lose all accounts, all credits, and your downline.
    How do I add a url, banner, or textlink?
    When you log into your FreeTrafficLotto account you will be directed to the MEMBERS Page. In the left hand column of this page, click on the link that says My Sites, My Banners, or My Textlinks. Follow the instructions for submitting.
    How fast are my credits used up?
    The time it will take to use up your credits depends on the number of members in the system daily, and the speed at which you are earning credits to replace those used up.
    What happens if I run out of credits?
    Once you run out of credits your page is no longer displayed. You can continue to earn more credits for free, or you can purchase credits from us.
    How do I build my downline?
    When you signed up you were sent an email that contains the link to use when referring new members to the system. This link is also found on your MEMBERS Page. You can promote TrafficExchangeMatrix using this link. Banner and Splash Pages are also available for you to use. When someone joins, using any of these downline building tools, they will be automatically placed in your downline. DO NOT USE SPAM in your advertising efforts. We have a zero tolerance policy and your account will be terminated without recourse upon the first complaint! REMEMBER: if you do not know the person you are emailing, do not send them an email about joining TrafficExchangeMatrix. This includes autoresponders, and Free For All Page autoresponse messages. If you need help with ways to promote your TrafficExchangeMatrix referral page, please email us and we will make suggestions.
    I can't log in to my account area. What could be the problem?
    Have you activated your account? (See the confirmation email). Make sure that you are entering your username and password correctly. Usernames are all lowercase letters, and Passwords are case-sensitive (uppercase and lowercase matter).
    Can I buy more hits? How much does it cost?
    Yes! Members may purchase more hits by clicking on the BUY CREDITS link found in the left hand column of the main members page. The cost varies depending on the package you choose. You can also purchase a pro membership which includes a credit package.
    Can I change the website(s) I am advertising at a later date?
    Yes you can. Simply return to the MY SITES section and make any changes you want.
    Can I make any money with TrafficExchangeMatrix?
    Yes you can! All TrafficExchangeMatrix members receive a commission every time a member of their downline purchases anything. Free members receive less commission than pro members. All TrafficExchangeMatrix members can also win cash each week via the matrix.
    What is your refund policy?
    REFUND POLICY: If you are not satisfied with any purchase that you make, you may request a prorated refund - ie you will be refunded for the time or credits remaining, and you will not be refunded for purchased time or credits that have already been used.